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      Ace Driving School


                     offers a complete Driver's Education Program that consists of:

- 2-hour Parent Class

- 30-hrs hours of Classroom Instruction

(interactive quiz and video in-person training, reading, and taking notes, 15 modules by 2 hrs. each and Final Exam)

- 12 hours in car behind-the-wheel (BTW) instructions

- 6 hours in car as an observer (OBS) of another student driver







Driver's Education Certificate Requirements:

- Student must be 15.9 yrs. old to begin the classroom portion of the JOL.

- Student must have obtained their Learner's Permit and a Parent must attend a Parent Class, to begin the 18 hours in the car. (12 BTW and 6 OBS hours)

NOTE: Classroom Modules may be completed in any order, the student needs to complete all 15 modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Driver’s Education

Module 2 – Signs Signals and Road Markings

Module 3 – Understanding the Vehicle and Its Controls

Module 4 – Basic Driving Skills

Module 5 – Rules of the Road

Module 6 – Making Safe Driving Decisions

Module 7 – Sharing the Road

Module 8 – How Natural Law Effects Driving

Module 9 – Different Driving Environments

Module 10 – Driving in All Weather Conditions

Module 11 – Mental and Physical Effects on Driving

Module 12 – The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs & Driving

Module 13 – Distracted Driving

Module 14 – Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making

Module 15 – Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns. Final Test.

NOTE: Certificate will be issued electronically by the RMV upon completion of the entire program

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