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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How old do I have to be to attend Driver's Education?

A. The minimum age required: You must be at least 15 years and 9 months by the start of the class.

Q. Do I need to take Driver's Education to get my Driver's License?

A. If you are under the age of 18, Massachusetts requires you to successfully complete an RMV approved Driver's Education Program and have the Driver's Education Certificate issued before you can book and take your Driver's License test.

Q. What do I need to do to complete my driving education requirements?


-30 hours of classroom instructions (15 classroom modules)

-6 hours of observation

-12 hours of driving lessons

-2 hours of parental/guardian classroom instruction

-40 hours of driving with parents/guardians


Q. For how many hours a day can I take classes?


RMV sets the following restrictions:


-You may not take more than 6 hours of driving education class a day.

-You may not take more than 2 hours of driving and/or observation a day

-You need to have at least a 24-hour break between your driving lessons.


Due to these restrictions, if you are enrolled in the intensive course, you may not drive or observe during the week of your classroom instructions.


Q. When can I get my Learner's Permit?

A. The minimum age to get your Learner's Permit is 16 years old.

Q. When can I get my license?

A. You must have your permit for 6 months (184 days) of incident-free driving and complete all the driver’s education requirements in order to schedule your road test.  Incident-free means that you have no violations or ‘at-fault’ crashes.  If so, the 6 month starts all over from the date of the incident.

Q. How do I register for the 30-hour classroom instruction?

A. Please fill contact form and we will be back to you shortly.


Q. Do I have to attend that specific school or live in that town in order to take driver's education there?

A. No. We welcome any and all surrounding area students to attend our school.

Q. Do I need to have my Learner's Permit to attend Driver's Education Classes?

A. Not necessary, the Driver's Education Classes will prepare you to take the Learner's Permit Test.

Q. What is a Parent Class and how much does it cost?

A. The parent class is required to teach parents about the new junior operator laws as well as the required 40 hours instruction that the parent will have to sign off on that they completed with their teen. The ADS does not charge for the Parent Class.

Q. What if I took my 30-hour class with another driving school; can I do my driving lessons with ADS?

A. Yes. Please provide us with the copy of the 30-hour official classroom completion letter.  

Q. Do I have to attend Parent Class for every child?

A. No, the parent class is good for 5 years from the date it’s taken.  So, if you have younger teens within that range, you will not have to attend again. (Remember, the teen will have to attend.)

Q. What is the fee for a permit test?

A. The fee is $30 to take your permit test.  You must successfully get 18 out of 25 questions correct to pass your test.  If you fail, you are allowed to go pay another $30 and retake the permit test again.


Q. How do I get a Driver's Education Certificate?

A. Upon Completion of all requirements at an approved Driver's Education School, the ADS will send an authorization to the RMV stating you have completed the program. The RMV will then issue a driver’s education certificate. It is electronically put on your driver history, and you can verify your certificate at the website. 

Q. When can I start taking my On-Road Lessons?

A. You can start taking road lessons as soon as you have obtained your permit.

Q. How do I schedule my road lessons?

A. It’s very easy.  It's easily done online inside a link you will receive after you filled contact form and payment is made.

Q. When am I eligible to take a Massachusetts road test?

A. You are eligible to take a road test after you have had a permit for 6 months of incident-free driving (no at-fault crashes or moving violations). 


Q. Can I book my own road test with the RMV?

A. Yes, you can. 

Q. How long in advance do I have to book my road test?

A. You must have completed ALL your driver’s education requirements and be paid in full 30 days prior to your requested weekend test.   

Q. What should I do if RMV has failed to send me my license?  


A. If you have not received your license within 14 days of passing the road test and you have paid $85 to the RMV, please call RMV at 857-368-8000 and ask for a supervisor.

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